On August 8, 2002, a new Company, Paytahpun Inc. was formed. Its purpose was to realign the petroleum products distribution in the western James Bay area.

Paytahpun, a Cree word meaning ‘The Dawning Of A New Day Or Era’ was chosen because the Company felt this was indeed the starting of a new era for this business in this area. Prior to setting up the new company, there were two Companies operating in the James Bay Area, G.C.Butcher Ltd. and a numbered Company operating under the name Paytahpun Petroleum (PTP). G.C. Butcher Ltd. operated an Imperial Oil Ltd. (Esso) plant while PTP operated a Shell plant.

On September 1 st , 2002 Paytahpun Inc. purchased all assets of G.C Butcher Limited and continued to operate the Esso plant in Moosonee. The Shell plant formally operating under the Paytahpun name ceased operation as a petroleum products distributor. This transaction became necessary when a new Hydro grid was built connecting the northern communities of the western side of James Bay. Hydro generation no longer required fuel, and it was no longer feasible for two companies to operate.

Under the Esso banner, Paytahpun operates its own bulk petroleum plant and offers delivery of bulk gas and home heating fuels. Deliveries are made as far away as Fort Severn in the summer months using the services of Moosonee Transportation Ltd. and their barges. In the winter months, when the ice road is in operation, deliveries are made to all Communities along the road which include Ft. Albany, Kashechewan, and Attawapiskat. As well, DeBeers Camp Victor mining site is also an important customer.

From time to time, when fuel supplies in some of the northern communities run low and there is no other mode of transportation available, Paytahpun partners with Air Creebec to air lift emergency fuel supplies. Under the Esso banner, Paytahpun also offers a substantial line of Esso Packaged Products. Items such as outboard motor and snowmobile oils, to everyday automobile oils, to specialty synthetic oils are carried and distributed in the region. A full line of products offered is available on this web site.

Paytahpun Management believes there is much growth potential in the James Bay area and set out to position themselves in such a way to be able to capitalize on opportunities as they are presented. On such opportunity was realized with Messer Gas. Since the forming of the new Company, Paytahpun have partnered with Messer, a well known distributor of a full line of bottled gases and related products. As the agent in Moosonee, providing a much need service, Paytahpun operates this portion of the business under the Messer owned banner of ‘Gas Source’.

Services provided include warehousing and selling a full line of commercial gases, handling the movement of medical gases for the various hospitals in the area and a source for the everyday customers that are looking for related products (such as helium for balloons) that are not carried in the everyday retail outlet. Paytahpun are always looking for ways to offer new services and product. Visit our web site often to keep up to date on the services we offer in the James Bay Region.